About Us

Shaping the Future of Learned and Professional Publishing

ALPSP is the international association for nonprofit publishers and those who work with them.

ALPSP was formed in 1972.  Today it is the only international association representing all types of nonprofit publishers, and is the largest trade association for scholarly and professional publishers. It has more than 300 members in 40 countries, publishing scholarly content in many different ways.  Over 10,000 journals are published by ALPSP members as well as numerous books, reports, databases and other products and services.

Membership of ALPSP has been taken up by a wide range of different types of publishers - journal publishers, book publishers, learned societies and professional bodies, database publishers, university presses and intergovernmental organizations. The variety and range of the 260+ publisher members and the 100+ associate members who provide services to the sector provides a unique network serving the interests of scholarly publishing worldwide.

ALPSP's Mission is:
To connect, train and inform the scholarly and professional publishing community and to be an advocate on behalf of the non-profit publishing sector

And our Vision is:
To be the scholarly publishing association with the most impact globally and thus to create a successful future for scholarly and professional publishers

ALPSP plays an active and central role in shaping the future of academic and professional communication, promoting 'Scholarship-Friendly Publishing'. At this time of unprecedented change in the publishing environment, we believe that nonprofit publishers have a unique role to play.  We therefore aim to serve, represent and strengthen the community of scholarly publishers, and those who work with them.

Like scholarly publishing itself, ALPSP has a strongly international focus.  Many of our services are location-independent and designed to add value wherever a member is based.  We have local Chapters in North America and Australasia to coordinate events and other activities for members based in those areas and additional local Chapters are planned for the future.

ALPSP monitors national and international issues and represents the interests of members to the wider world; it carries out research, and issues statements and position papers and guidelines for good practice.  It helps its members, and others, to prepare for the challenges of the future through a programme of education, training and development;  there is a full programme of events and other meetings on issues of current concern, and a series of training courses. It develops collective initiatives, most notably the ALPSP Learned Journals Collection (ALJC).  ALPSP also provides information and advice to members, through its publications, website, e-mail discussion lists and on an individual basis. The Association publishes a quarterly journal, Learned Publishing (LP), and a monthly e-newsletter, ALPSP Alert.

List of Current Members

Statements and position papers

'We all face common problems and ALPSP provides a forum for discussion of possible solutions.'  American Physical Society

'ALPSP has a vital role in representation.'  Royal Society

'It is in the interest of every society journal to belong to an organisation devoted entirely to the particular needs of non-commercial publishing.'  Royal Swedish Academy