ALPSP Training Course: Fundamentals of Journals Finance (1306FJF)

Tuesday 25th June 2013
Business & Finance
Level 2 (2-3 Years' Experience)
Woburn House Conference Centre, 20 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9HQ Tel: 0207 419 5489 (Map)
What do all those financial terms mean? Can you make any sense of the financial information provided to you? This course will provide an essential and in-depth look at journal finances with an overview of profitability, revenue streams and expenses. We will also look at emerging industry trends such as open access and the impact on journals financial management.
Speakers/ Tutors
Kate Rudge
Oliver Callaghan

Prices: Member £355.00 plus VAT (please log in for this price), Non Member £515.00 plus VAT


  • Understanding profit and loss statements
  • Producing a journal profit and loss budget
  • The balance sheet and cash flow in journals publishing
  • Financial ratios and how to analyse journal performance
  • Producing a journal forecast when things change
  • Emerging trends and their impact on journals financial management
  • Producing a five year financial plan for a new launch journal

This course will commence at 09:30 (registration, with tea/coffee, from 09:00) and end at approximately 17:00

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Produce budgets and forecasts for their journal;
  •  review, analyse and report on the financial performance of journals;
  •  play a leading role in journal financial management;
  • understand the annual cycle for budget and pricing decisions;
  • understand and better influence a finance director’s perspective.

Who should attend
This course is designed to provide an introductory overview for non-financial managers with responsibilities in journal publishing (e.g. publishing editors, managing editors and marketing managers) or to serve as a refresher for more experienced staff wanting to update their knowledge. The course will also be relevant to all publishing staff whose activities impact on overall journal profitability e.g. product managers, production editors.

Delegate Comments

'Interesting content, very relevant, especially regarding the industry. Very comprehensive content, but not too much. Fantastic course overall, learnt a lot plus it was interesting. ' Mohamed Desouky, Cambridge Univesity Press

'Very comprehensive and wide ranging, yet focused and detailed too. A huge amount packed into one day.' Naomi Warren, SAGE Publications

'All completely new for me, however, easy to follow, informative and not too much of an overload.' Laura Jones, Society for Endocrinology

'Very good overview for someone who has no financial experience. Excellent opportunity to network with other working at a similar level' Lindsay Hook, Society for Endocrinology

'Very good course.' Tarryn Greenberg, Cambridge University Press

'Fast-paced and enjoyable with just the right level of detail. The practical exercises were challenging but fun.' Natalie Wilder, Society for General Microbiology

'Good presenters, relaxed environment. Good mix of practical and presentation.' Aimee Nixon, Emerald

'Good overview of areas of finance applicable to journals management - how to understand financial statements and to spot when things go wrong. ' Kathryn Wilson, Cambridge University Press

'Exercises very useful to consolidate what had been taught.' Lara Dora, Professional Engineering Publishing

'Excellent introduction to journals finance for anyone involved in publishing.' H. Slater, New Phytologist

Coordinator: Melissa Marshall
Telephone: 01622 871035