Networking Opportunities

As part of its mission to connect, train and inform the scholarly publishing community, ALPSP offers a wide range of networking opportunities.

"We have joined ALPSP for a number of reasons.The most significant is the opportunity to have closer collective contacts with our fellow learned society publishers. We all face common problems and ALPSP provides a forum for discussion of possible solutions." Martin Blume, American Physical Society

"We joined ALPSP in order to join a network of like-minded specialist not-for-profit publishers. In these revolutionary times it is important to be able to benefit from the experience of others struggling to understand and cope with the new dynamics in learned publishing." Toby Green, OECD

If you Twitter why not search 'alpsp' and see what's happening? Add #alpsp to your own tweets about scholarly publishing issues.

The LinkedIn ALPSP Group helps you to stay informed and keep in touch with others who share your interest in scholarly communications.

More news from ALPSP itself and ALPSP members. You can add comments too. If you would like to post organizational or company news, please send it to Audrey McCulloch.

ALPSP Seminars
Our one day events on topical publishing issues offer plenty of time for discussion and the chance for ALPSP members to meet together.

ALPSP Training
Our training courses offer small group tuition, with a focus on delegate participation. Plenty of time is built into each programme for networking and delegates are encouraged to share ideas and experiences.

ALPSP International Conference
This offers a fantastic chance for ALPSP members to get together to discuss issues of common interest and to share information and best practice in an informal setting.

ALPSP Discussion Lists 
All members can subscribe to the general ALPSP discussion list, which provides a forum for lively discussions on many publishing issues, or to the specialised ALPSP-copyright list. We also have a discussion list for the North American Chapter which is open to all ALPSP members based in North America.